Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yucatan, Mexico, March 2012

Another take at capturing the magic of cave diving in Yucatan.

Mexico - info sheet

VisumBelgian citizens, among others, automatically get a three months visum upon entry. No departure tax.
Transport• Shared mini-bus from Cancun airport to Tulum pueblo (53 USD/person): 2h
• Taxi from Tulum pueblo to the beach (50 Pesos)
• Taxi within Tulum pueblo (20 Pesos)
• ADO AC bus from Tulum, via Playa Del Carmen, to Cancun airport (168 Pesos/person): 2h.
TimeCancun winter time = Munich winter time — 7 hours
WeatherAir temperature: 30°C warm & nice.
Fresh water temperature: 24°C (in the cenotes).
Currency1 EURO = 16 Pesos , 1 USD = 12 Pesos
LanguageEnglish is spoken. But knowing a bit of Spanish is recommended when you don't know your way around.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

boot Düsseldorf 2012

Overnight train trip to Düsseldorf (109€ return in a 6 bunks cabin) to visit boot, the world's largest annual water sports fair (e-ticket 14€).

Having no important gear agenda this year, I actually had plenty of time to just stroll about and chat with several owners, managers & representatives of various resorts, located primarily in Indonesia, my favorite destination for recreational diving.

First up was Selayar Dive Resort, which I've had on my wish list for a while already. Being off the main tourist paths, it's a bit harder to get to, which makes it even more attractive to me. Definitely an option for our next trip, maybe in combination with a short stay on Bali?

Another one on my critter list is Lembeh Resort. They now also have a second place to stay further down south, near an abandoned gold mine, for some normal reef diving and non-scuba activities higher up inland. Sounds like a very nice combo to me!

Anke from Blue Bay Divers, where we stayed back in 2007, proudly presented her brand new 30m long Pinisi-style wooden live-aboard, the KLM Sunshine. Just my kind of diving, let's go sailing :o)

For live-aboard lovers, the MSY Seahorse looks pretty nice too... but with high class rates of about 400 USD/day too deep for my wallet.

Dreaming on, the exclusive Wakatobi Dive Resort is now getting some relatively affordable competition by the Patuno Resort Wakatobi.

It's possible to book directly with all of the above mentioned resorts and most will also arrange local flights where necessary. Or you can trust the whole travel organization in the hands of e.g. Aquaventure Tauchreisen, who smoothly arranged my 2010 trip. There tip to me now being The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort on Romblon island in the Philippines... who knows?

Still high on my list is of course the Nautilus Explorer with its great white encounters at Isla Guadalupe, manta ballets around Socorro Island and/or kelp forest diving with sea lions near San Benitos.

And for a bit of action closer by, I might check out Atlantis Qualidive in nearby Austria this summer? [ see also: Attersee Diving World ]

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dry spell

No diving this year, for the first time since I got certified in 1993.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

French Polynesia, October 2010

Snorkeling with humpback whales, face time with feeding blacktip reef sharks, eye-contact with play-fighting adolescent bottle-nose dolphins, diving with more than hundred gray reef sharks, swimming with napoleon, ... plenty of fascinating encounters indeed!

travel blog

French Polynesia - info sheet

VisumFor Europeans a valid passport is enough, but when transiting through the USA a to be paid and approved ESTA application is also required.
TimeFrench Polynesian time = CEST — 12h
WeatherAir temperature: around 25-30°C, with occasional rain showers. Water temperature: 26°C.
Currency1 Euro = 119 XPF
LanguageFrench & English are spoken by most.

Teatime with a nurse & some hungry boys

→ Among Sharks, clip #5: Nurse & Blacktip Reef Sharks

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dream over

Woke up in my own bed this morning. A dive bag full of salty gear and a light suntan the only apparent reminders I did not just imagine everything... In other words: I've got some back-logging to do.