Saturday, March 22, 2003

Dry & warm

For our second try, we drive up to Helsingør, in order to do some real shore diving. Today the sun's out, and out of the wind the air temperature is at least 10°C, which makes suiting & gearing up outside a whole lot more pleasant than 3 weeks ago. The water too is warmer, at least one early spring degree more than last time.

3°C warm water, 4 layers of thermal underwear, a 7mm drysuit that actually keeps me mostly dry... what else could I wish for? Even the visibility is an optimistic 5m. Wise with experience, I'm even able to remain horizontal. Something I can't really say from my first attempt, where my feet, due to trapped air, irritatingly kept floating up against my explicit orders.

Everybody being comfy, we can also perform the exercises as required, witnessed by a couple of humorless frozen soles/plaices and a little sculpin skulking among the mussel beds.

It's actually going so well, we decide to do a second 30' dive, to almost 7m. Because despite the cold, it's a pleasure just to be bubbling underwater!

Being a certified drysuit diver now, I can even start thinking about ice diving...

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