Tuesday, April 22, 2003

TDI Decompression Procedures

InstructorWessam El Sebai (academics, skills + training dives)
Dive centerDiver's Lodge, Hurghada, Egypt
Duration3-4 days
Dives2 confined water sessions
2 training dives on air to max 45m with 50% nitrox as deco gas
Price270 USD
CommentsMore than just some theory about decompression, the course also includes underwater skill sessions with doubles, emphasis being put on the handling of 1 or 2 deco bottles and the deploying of an SMB. For the latter, I can really recommend the use of a spool in stead of a jam-prone reel.

With actual bottom times of less than 15' during the decompression training dives, my focus was pretty much fixed on my computer most of the time in order to accurately follow the planning. Sight-seeing being reduced to the occasional glimpse around to make sure my buddy's still ok.

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