Tuesday, April 29, 2003

TDI Semi-Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diver

InstructorWessam El Sebai (academics, set-up, skills + training dives)
Dive centerDiver's Lodge, Hurghada, Egypt
Duration2-3 days
Dives4 training dives with a Dräger Dolphin
Price350 USD
CommentsIt's fairly easy and straight-forward to put a Dräger Dolphin semi-closed-circuit rebreather together, but it does require attention to detail during assembly and safety checks. And compared to clamp-screw-plug open-circuit scuba, it is indeed a lot of hassle.

However, it might be well worth the extra effort in order to get that little bit closer to marine life, when not blowing out those rather noisy bubbles.

In my case, rebreather diving turned out to be much easier than anticipated. I had no buoyancy problems whatsoever and plenty of air even when finning hard over short distances. Actually, the only annoyance I had was too much saliva, the recycled air being pretty moist.

I could definitely get used to diving with a rebreather. And I'm looking forward to the day I can try it out in a school of elusive hammerheads...

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