Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sharm El Naga

About 40km south of Hurghada lies the Sharm El Naga dive resort, located in a quiet little bay with a beautiful house reef easily accessible from the beach.

The dive center's former managers having left recently -in apparent discontent- to start their own business in Safaga, the place isn't as well run as it should be. The temporary dive crew lacks enthusiasm and knows little or nothing about the dive sites, all maps and buoys having been taken away, resulting in boat dives not really being promoted.

Each day, from 9am to 4pm, the beach is invaded by day tourists, brought from Hurghada resorts by tour busses, as this is the only beach with a snorkable reef in the neighbourhood with full amenities like rinsing showers, toilets, bar, fairly decent restaurant and fully equipped dive center offering rental gear, discover scuba classes, etc. Unfortunately, all those snorkelers also use the rinsing basins meant for the dive gear :o(

The AC bungalows are located away from the beach and have wind sheltered private terraces. We switched the AC off and just left the window wide open, enjoying the quietness and peacefulness of the desert, the silence broken only by the gentle surf of the sea...

• 8days/7nights half-board w/o diving = 175 Euro
• 8days/7nights half-board with 5 diving days* = 345 Euro (* 2 boat dives per day + unlimited shore dives)

For full-board add 40 Euros to the half-board price. But unless you're a big eater, it's not really worth it, as that includes a big lunch (worth 40 E£), which is just too much food. A sandwich or salad is fine and only costs about 20 E£.

If you plan on doing mainly shore dives, and only a couple of boat dives, it might be worth reserving for half-board only, and pay for the dives separately. A 1.5l bottle of water costs 7E£ as does a can of soda or juice.

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