Monday, March 21, 2005

Sipadan - Mabul - Kapalai

Sipadan - Mabul - Kapalai, three small islands forming a pretty ideal combination of game & treasure hunting.

Two hours after setting foot on Mabul island, we were in the water for a check-out dive, during which I got surrounded by small yellow tail barracudas, maybe mistaking me, with my yellow fins, for their big brother.

A normal dive day consists of two morning dives around Sipadan, between breakfast and lunch, followed by an afternoon dive around Mabul or, exceptionally, around Kapalai.

Besides or in stead of the boat dives, it's also possible to do unlimited jetty dives from the water bungalows pier, as long as you've got a buddy.

Rides from Mabul to Sipadan take anything from 15' on a calm day with a powerfull twin-engine (115hp) speedboat, to more than 30' on a rougher day with a smaller twin-engine (85hp) boat.

Sipadan offers better visibility and more action, while Mabul and Kapalai are known for the small stuff.

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