Wednesday, January 23, 2008

TillyTec LED 1000 underwater light

Having a movie project in mind needing illumination, I once more turned to TillyTec, maker of lights for divers venturing into darkness. And came back home with a bright new TillyTec LED 1000.

Modularity & expandability.

Power: 100W halogen equivalent output according to the manufacturer's specifications (5000°K, 25000 Lux).

Burn time: 195' on my Green Force Flexi II NiMh battery.


It is not possible to dim the light's output, nor change the beam's angle from e.g. spot to flood. Remark that while you can slightly adjust the beam's focus while underwater, it's not really recommended to do so, due to the risk of flooding should any dirt have lodged itself on the lens's o-ring.

The clear glass lens can be replaced by a frosted one for more diffused lighting purposes.

A Goodman handle is available as optional accessory, and highly recommended for e.g. cave or wreck diving, where having one's hands free for other tasks may be crucial.

Great light both for recreational & technical diving.

→ LED 1000 in action while night diving with & filming white tip reef sharks around Cocos Island

→ LED 1000 (with diffuser) in conjunction with a HID 35 (with flood reflector) while cave diving in Mexico