Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puntarenas - Cocos Island

Not feeling too great until noon, when suddenly I'm just fine again and hungry. The sea's actually amazingly smooth, with long flat swells. The blue sky's showing off some dramatic 3D cloud formations.

We're twenty divers on this trip, all Germans except for myself, and surprisingly most happen to come from Bayern, that is, the Bundesland I currently call home. To take care of us, there's a crew of eight: captain/divemaster, three divemasters/boatdrivers, chef & assistant, steward and engineer.

Cocos Island is located about 530km west of Costa Rica's Pacific coast, a 32 hours sail for the Okeanos Aggressor (length: 33m, beam: 7m, draft: 3m, cruising speed: 10 knots, max 22 passengers).

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