Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Jose - Puntarenas

After an early breakfast, where I get to meet some of the other passengers, we're all checked into a mini-bus by Rudolfo, for our transfer to Puntarenas, where the Okeanos Aggressor is waiting for us. The ride, commented all the way by Rudolfo, only takes 3 hours, including short stops at a roadside eatery, fruit-stall (cashew nuts, 1500 CRC) and supermarket (1/2l Powerade, 600 CRC).

At the dock, the ship's sturdy Costa-Rican crew welcomes us and quickly loads all our stuff on board. I'm sharing the four bed bow cabin with Jürgen. With four it'd be rather crowded, but being only two, we've got plenty of space to move around and stow our things. Each cabin has its own toilet & shower and adjustable AC.

Settled in we immediately also set-up our dive gear on the large aft deck. After a quick shower, we're served a light lunch and get briefed about standard boat safety procedures.

The weather's pretty nice, but I've strapped Petra's sea-bands around my wrists anyways. Note that anti-seasickness pills are available on board, personally though, I'd rather avoid any medication unless absolutely necessary. Besides, should the crossing get rough tonight, resulting in hard slamming of the bow, I guess I could always try to get some sleep on one of the couches in the main deck's salon?

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