Thursday, July 23, 2009

Under pressure

Dive #1 [ 08:19 | EAN34 | 51' | max.13m, avg.10m | viz.15m | Bahia Chatham ]
Dive #2 [ 11:17 | EAN34 | 52' | max.29m, avg.16m | viz.10m | Isla Pejora ]
Dive #3 [ 15:41 | EAN34 | 51' | max.21m, avg.12m | viz<15m | Manuelita ]

Except for the check-out dive, all diving is done in two separate groups from two zodiacs. Most dive sites are located off the main island, around rocks or seamounts. As these are relatively small, both groups usually dive different sides or sites.

Cocos being an oceanic island, swept by sometimes breathtaking strong currents, divers must be confident they can handle rough conditions and blue ascents with SMB deployment from 5m or deeper. Water temperature rarely drops below 27°C, so that's no challenge.

With up to four dives a day and initial depths varying between 20-30m, Nitrox, at 113$ for the week, is highly recommended, both for safety and extended bottom times. Deco dives are not allowed.

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