Friday, March 19, 2010

TillyTec LED 2000 underwater VIDEO light

Took advantage of TillyTec's fairly unique offer to upgrade almost any of its light-heads or battery-packs to a newer more powerful one.

That is, I exchanged my outdated-technology HID 35 not just for one, but for two new LED 2000 VIDEO light-heads, in order to have a dual evenly illuminated video lighting solution.

TillyTec's standard LED 2000 has a 175W halogen equivalent 10° beam ideal for technical diving, whereas the non-focussed VIDEO version has a more diffused 110° wide beam optimal for videography.

Modular & expandable underwater lighting system configurable to one's needs.

Power: Seven hi-tech LEDs delivering 175W of halogen equivalent output according to TillyTec's specifications (5500°K, 45000 Lux).

Despite its power, the VIDEO version has a rather limited range.

Burn time: two LED 2000 light-heads can shine for more than 100' on one TT 3 NiMh battery-pack. (note that it is not possible to connect two LED 2000s to a single Flexi II or TT 2 battery)


It's not possible to dim the output, nor change the beam's angle.

A diffuser is available that can be popped on or off underwater. While not needed for the VIDEO version (except maybe for reducing its intensity), it can be useful for softening the SPOT version's beam.

Note that, even with diffuser, the LED 2000 SPOT has a hotspot when pointed towards nearby subjects or surfaces, so this option is not recommended for e.g. macro photography or close-up videography.

A Goodman handle and flexible arms are available as accessory. Both can hold e.g. TillyTec's HID 35, LED 1000 or LED 2000.

IMO, TillyTec's LED 2000 VIDEO produces nice hotspot-free illumination for macro photography or close-up videography.

→ macro photography illuminated by just one LED 2000 VIDEO
→ close-up videography illuminated by one LED 2000 VIDEO


ze-bu-lon said...

Awsome video !!!
I have the LED 2000 ( not video )
Do you have made this video during night dives ?
I would like to talk with you about the video head ...

TM said...

Hello ze-bu-lon, if you have any questions, you can just ask me here in the form of a public comment or write me a comment with your email address (it will then not be made public) so I can contact you directly.

Both the above referenced slideshow and videoclip were shot during the day, but I had some good results filming at night too.

portnawaaak said...

Thank you ...
I think the only answer i was waiting for is the one you've done ...
I'm going to change my led2000 to led2000 video !!!