Monday, November 10, 2003

IANTD Trimix Diver -upgrade-

InstructorsDave Ross (academics+skills)
Sam Collett (training dives)
Dive centerTech Asia, Small La Laguna, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines
Duration4 days
Dives1 confined water session
3 trimix dives to max 80m
Price300 USD + about 240 USD for Helium (incl. the instructor's)
CommentsHaving done the normoxic trimix course only a few weeks ago with the same instructor team, this course was just an upgrade to full trimix.

In order to go yet a little deeper, there are some new skills to master and some additional risks to consider. The main one being the fact that the bottom mix is now hypoxic at the surface and shallow depths.

Actual bottom time gets even shorter and decompression time longer (e.g. about four times the bottom time for medium deep dives). As more Helium is needed in the mix in order to keep a clear head, the price tag per dive goes up accordingly too.

Dave and Sam are great dive professionals who take their job seriously and do it thoroughly, gladly sharing their knowledge and experience - they're truly an example to follow.

Remark that the full trimix course would normally take longer, require more dives and cost more.

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