Monday, March 21, 2005

Cruising sharks

On most Sipadan dives, we saw white-tips cruising around or resting on the bottom. But unlike the turtles, these predators are rather shy and usually moved away each time I tried to sneak closer.

One day, we also came upon a fairly big leopard shark, who inevitably also got tired of too much attention, and slowly swam away.

On our one and only 6am early morning dive, I was lucky to twice get a glimpse of an inquisitive hammerhead coming out of the blue to check out the commotion, but deciding it wasn't worth calling his friends.

I noticed at least one grey reef shark during a drift dive, but not close enough to call it a good sighting. Too bad, for these dudes look like real sharks, unlike the not-quite-so-serious-looking white-tips.

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